Strive Indoor Cycling is Concord's only dedicated Indoor Cycling Studio. Let your mind go as you work your whole body on the bike. Our workouts are beat driven and super sweaty! Let the beat push you to work harder and to reach new levels. 

Each class you attend will offer you a high intensity workout that improves your endurance and builds muscle. Don't forget about the arms, we use weights as well! Our instructors will push you to a new level that you didn't even know you were capable of hitting. The music, the low lights and the energy created in the room all work together to create an atmosphere where you can tune out the outside world for 45 minutes.




1.  Create an account online and book your first ride!

2. Hydrate and try to eat a little something about 30-40 minutes before your ride to keep you energized!

3. Wear workout clothes you will be comfortable in while you sweat! We recommend spandex-like shorts or pants and short sleeve tops!

4. Arrive 20 minutes before the start of class so we can get you set up with shoes, your bike and you can meet the instructor!



5. Have your water handy! We want to make sure you feel your best throughout the ride!

6. Unplug. This ride is for you. We ask that phones are put away during your ride so as not to distract you or other riders.

7. Do only what you feel comfortable doing. Listen to your body. Our style of riding to the beat incorporates choreography that may feel weird at first! This is a different experience than traditional indoor cycling and usually takes 3-4 rides to get the hang of. 

8. Bring on the Good Vibes! We're here to have FUN! We love to hear our riders give us a shout to let us know they're feeling good! The bike room is a safe space where we are all striving to achieve something whether it's physical or internal change. 



9. Hydrate and stretch. We will do some abbreviated stretching but make sure to continue the party once you get home! Also, your bum may hurt after the first couple rides, but we promise it will go away :-)

10. Talk to your instructor and ask questions! Let them know what you thought of class and ask them to clarify any of the moves for you!

11. Take a picture and tag us! Tell your friends and come back to make a social event out of it! We're local and want to foster community in the Concord area!

12. Head back to our website and buy a class pack or membership to book your next ride! If you know you'll be back then its worth it to buy a package!

Hydrate before, during, and after class! Be sure you have eaten within 30-40 minutes before class.

Wear workout clothes you will be comfortable in while you sweat! We recommend spandex-like shorts or pants and short sleeve tops! Please wear socks. We have some apparel for purchase in in the studio if you forget certain items.

Arrive 15-20 minutes before class starts and let our Strive team know you are a new rider so we can introduce you to our space and get you set up on your bike!

Be sure to check in with our front desk staff so we know you’ve made it to class. Your bike will be released to riders on the waitlist approximately 5 minutes before class begins. If you are running late, please call the studio and let us know you are on the way. Our front desk team will hold your bike for up to 5 minutes after class begins. As a courtesy to your instructor and your fellow riders, if you arrive more than 5 minutes after class begins, you will not be allowed in class.

At STRIVE, you must wear indoor cycling shoes to participate in class. Clipping in is safer, and allows for a smoother ride. You’ll notice it also allows you to activate more muscles. Our pedals accept SPD and Look Delta clips. If you don’t have your own shoes don’t sweat it! Shoe rental is complimentary with class!

We offer a complimentary towel service for our riders, enjoy access to both sweat towels for class as well as shower towels to clean off after!

Stay hydrated! Use our water station to fill your water bottle from home. If you forget your water bottle, we have your back! We sell our STRIVE stainless steel water bottles at the studio so you can stay hydrated while you ride! STRIVE in Partnership with Pointe Barre Studios is committed to reducing waste and protecting our planet. We do NOT sell single-use plastic bottles at our studios.

For your convenience, we have a shower for you to use after class. The shower room is equipped with towels and toiletries. Also, please limit your shower to 5 minutes as a courtesy to other riders and clientele.

Our STRIVE Indoor Cycling bikes are custom Schwinn AC-Performance bikes featuring magnetic resistance brake, carbon blue durable tooth drive train, and versatile seat and handlebar adjustments.. Our pedals accept both SPD and Look Delta clips.

Adjust the seat height, fore/aft seat position, and handlebar height to fit your settings. If you’re new to STRIVE, our team will be in the bike room to help you set up safely.