Instagram:  @ohhappy.tay

Instagram: @ohhappy.tay

Taylor is a Concord native who gained an interest in indoor cycling after college when she was looking for ways to remain active after years of participating in team sports. Hitting the road for a solo 5k or grinding away on the elliptical for 30 minutes just wasn’t cutting it anymore. She popped in on a class at her local gym and fell in love. The team atmosphere, along with the ability to push to her individual max, was just the combo she was searching for!

Her goal for each class is to celebrate the strength of her riders, both physically and mentally, while getting sweaty to sweet (rap) beats. She wants all of her riders to walk out feeling inspired, invincible and sassy!

What are you striving for?                                                                                                      I'm striving for vulnerability, empowerment, confidence, and happiness, all because that has been my ongoing journey with indoor cycling. I hope you too can embark on your own journey and take what you need from us here at Strive.

What is a quote you live by?                                                                                                  "This too shall pass." 

What is something your riders may not know about you?                                                      I am is a self-proclaimed lyrical rap genius.